About us



Established in 1999, The Tropics Foundation, Inc. (TTF) has contributed over $1.5 million to the Center for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education (CATIE) through generous financial support from the Weyerhaeuser Foundation, the Wallace Genetics Foundation, the Foundation for Open Society and individual donors. 


In 2020, TTF was  awarded a $498,000 grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to enhance CATIE’s technical capabilities for both in-classroom and virtual education.  


With the recent establishment of a $100,000 scholarship fund jointly with the University of Idaho, TTF has expanded its focus to include scholarship funding for talented students pursuing postgraduate degrees.   


We provide scholarships for talented students who aspire to drive change and create a more sustainable and regenerative future.  Your donations bring their dreams and impact to life.   


Thomas B. Miller
Weyerhaeuser Company (retired)

Ted Grover

President, Educational Services Group


Michael A. Stimpert
Gold Kist, Inc. (retired)

Vicky Gordon

Former Director of Sustainability, IHG

Muhammad Ibrahim

Director General, CATIE

Laura Scandurra

Executive Director, The Potato Sustainability Alliance

Greg Ousley

President, ICON Global Coffee