Giving Options

Imagine the progress we could make, at scale, by empowering students to promote the sustainable management of agriculture and forests while supporting conservation of natural resources and improving the lives of farmers and rural people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.


You can actively become part of the solution. With your contribution, The Tropics Foundation will enlarge its impact in the education of more profesionals in Latin America.

The Tropics Scholarship Fund:


The Tropics Scholarship Fund seeks donors willing to make a donation, regardless the amount.


Your support to the Tropics Scholarship Fund will allow CATIE to give financial aid at different percentages to the students depending on their economic needs.


All contributions to the Fund are very important for us. With your gift you will receive an annual report displaying what CATIE accomplished during that specific year thanks to yours and many other donations, as well as news of the impacts that CATIE and its students and graduates are making in the region.

Scholarships Program:


The Scholarships Program seeks donors that would fund the scholarship of at least one student.


The cost of one student throughout the 18 months of the master’s program is $37,000. Your support of this amount will represent the only way for most of our student candidates to have access to CATIE’s Graduate School.


CATIE and the Tropics will coordinate with the beneficiary a 6 month-report to the donor with the improvements and learning during the career and after that for the initial 2 years. The minimum gift for this program is $18,500 (half Scholarship) distributed in 1,5 years.



Endowed Scholarships Program:


The Endowed Scholarships Program seeks donors that would donate an endowed scholarship of at least one student.


With an Endowed Scholarship you will be able to support a new student every 1.5 years on a permanent way for prosperity. Your Endowed Scholarship will be named after a loved one: “The (Name) Endowed Scholarship”, after your charity: “The (Name) Foundation Endowed Scholarship”, or after your company: “The (Name) Company Endowed Scholarship”.


Considering that the cost of one master’s student is $37,000, an endowment requires $500,000, which can be pledged and disbursed on a 5-year period.


The Miley Gonzalez Endowed Scholarship for Indigenous People