Students and Alumni

At the Topics Foundation, we are on a mission to help deserving students pursue training and research opportunities to boost their careers and ultimately help people and the planet thrive. 

“To be effective, it is important to understand the reality of life in the field for both people and nature.  If you don’t know this reality, you can’t understand how to drive progress.  Your efforts must be relevant to local needs.  To be truly successful, it is important to be able to live that reality, share it and understand it.  Only then will your work contribute in an effective and sustainable way over the long term.” 

Martha Maria Rios, Class of 2011


“My dream is to develop high level knowledge on Sustainable Agriculture. I’d like to stimulate positive changes in my community, my country and my region. To motivate and instill values especially in young women and men who still view agriculture as inferior to other careers. People need food, food is agriculture, agriculture is a system and systems are dynamic. We have to understand how agriculture systems work in a most sustainable and practical way.”


Fay Garnett, Class of 2019